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Tori presents information in a comprehensible, realistic, NON-JUDGMENTAL way that doesn’t make you hate yourself or the iced coffee you bought before work that morning.



Tori’s like your meme-queen best friend from college who got her shit together and just wants to help you get yours together too.
— Catelyn





Thank you for the work that you do and knowledge you share! Your workshops have helped me prioritize my money goals and save a healthy emergency fund, pay off all my consumer debt (over $10k) and increased my credit score to Excellent status in a matter of months! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Courtney



This is truly the most empowered I’ve ever felt with my money. I now have actionable steps to take instead of sitting around being stressed about money.
— Natalie


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I found Tori and Her First $100K only yesterday — I’ve learned more about finances in the last 24 hours than I have in my entire adult life!
— Carina





I follow Tori because she’s the only financial expert that I don’t feel judged by.
— Hollie




“Using Tori’s guidance, I was able to negotiate a new job with a 200% increase in pay.”
— Lindsey