MHC- Day 5

Day 5:



Take a pod walk.

Choose an encouraging podcast episode to listen to and and go on a nature walk around the block.

Scroll down for a list of Team HFK’s favorite uplifting podcasts.

Share your pod walk with us on Instagram by tagging @herfirst100k #HFKMHC




Team HFK’s encouraging podcasts (that aren’t work-related):

  1. Karina, COO: Almost 30 and Always Hungry.

  2. Alena, TikTok Producer: My Favorite Murder.

  3. Sophia, Project Manager: Dare to Lead.

  4. Valerie, Marketing Manager: TED Radio Hour.

  5. Olivia, Marketing Manager: Oprah’s Super Soul.

  6. Kristen, Podcast Manager: Dear Gabby, Armchair Expert, NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, Dear Chelsea.

  7. Paulina, Content lead: Normal Gossip.