MHC- Day 12

Day 12:



Put on a cute workout set and get moving in a way that’s fun + freeing!

From dance to yoga to HIIT to walking, there are SO many ways to move your body. Need some inspo? Scroll down to check out Team HFK’s favorite workout videos.

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Team HFK’s favorite workout videos:

  1. Karina, COO: Yoga for Strength.

  2. Alena, TikTok Producer: 1,000 Squats Challenge.

  3. Olivia, Marketing Manager: Balancing Ocean Flow or 20 Min Full-Body HIIT Workout.

  4. Valerie, Marketing Manager: 15-Minute Ballet Workout.

  5. Kristen, Podcast Manager: 30-Minute FUN Dance Workout.

  6. Sophia, Project Manager: Ultimate HIIT for People Who Get Bored Easily.

  7. Paulina, Content Lead: Yoga for Hips & Lower Back or 15-Minute Booty Burn.