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Financial Feminists 📖

Need more honest money conversations in your life? Join hundreds of other money-motivated folks in my Facebook community to get your burning questions answered, and get free access to my guidance. {Free}


HFK Weekly 📖

A weekly newsletter releasing every Friday that’s created to serve our community of 3+ million Financial Feminists. With weekly money moves, money wins, and money tools (and some exclusive discounts), this is a great way to start each week! {Free}


Build Your Credit 💳

Your credit score is your adult GPA.

A credit card (used responsibly!) can establish + increase your credit score. Here are my recommended credit cards.

It Might Be Time For Term Life Insurance

Try Ladder— a smart (and affordable) term life insurance option that offers personalized pricing and flexible coverage so you can protect your family with ease. It takes about 5 minutes to apply and to see if you’re approved. If you’re between 20-60, you can get up to $8M in coverage.


Estate Planning Made Easy

You can never be too prepared. Whether you need to create your own will or trust as part of your financial plan or go through the probate process to settle someone else’s, Trust and Will make it easy (and affordable) to get started.


Instant Cash Back On All Your Faves 💵

Rakuten gives you free cash back on almost all your favorite stores via a desktop plug-in.


Save money, save the earth, & skip the shopping! 💵

Save money on affordable, sustainable groceries and fight food waste with Imperfect Foods, a flexible grocery subscription. Customizable based on quantity, quality, and dietary restrictions.