How to Negotiate Monthly Bills and Interest Rates

Free Negotiation Script



I’ve saved over $1,200 by lowering my recurring bills.

Twice a year like clockwork, I make calls to the companies that charge me recurring bills: car/renter’s insurance, cell phone, and cable. And I look forward to it every time.

I look forward to it because I understand how to do it. Nine times out of ten, I succeed in getting what I want (and sometimes, more than what I want).

Now, I’m opening up the EXACT script I use to negotiate.


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Hey. I’m Tori.

I successfully saved $100k at age 25, and quit my corporate job in marketing to make you rich.

I’ve helped thousands of badass women make more, spend less, and fight the patriarchy.

Because having a financial education is a woman’s best form of protest. 💪


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Tori presents information in a comprehensible, realistic, NON-JUDGMENTAL way that doesn’t make you hate yourself or the iced coffee you bought before work that morning.

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