I feel like a financial newb— I have no idea where to start!


As a financial newbie, you feel pretty lost when it comes to what to do with your money.

But hey— it’s not your fault. Unfortunately, school curriculum often overlooks the importance of teaching students about topics such as debt, credit, interest, etc. — let alone how to monitor your spending, budget, invest, or even use a credit card properly. With a flawed educational system, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when approached with these concepts later on in life. Please know that you are far from alone.

In addition, it’s more-than-likely your money habits from today actually stem from how your family handled money while growing up. You’ll be surprised to know that most of our habits concerning money are cemented by age 7. Yes, age seven. So, if money was essentially a mystery within your family— if it was viewed as this taboo topic that wasn’t discussed openly— then that habit is likely to carry over into adult life.

But don’t fret— because I’m here to help ya out. Keep reading!