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You Could Be Earning 10x* More With a HYSA…

Your #1 financial priority is a 3-6 month emergency fund in a high-yield savings account (or HYSA).

It’s a non-negotiable no matter what stage of your financial journey you’re in.

A typical savings account earns you 0.39% in interest. Our recommended HYSA earns you 4.60% APY** for those with direct deposits and 1.20% APY** for those without. It’s the one personal finance hack that isn’t too good to be true.

The longer you wait to open up a HYSA, the more interest you miss out on.

The Best Cash-Back Card 💳

Our favorite for financial beginners, Tori has this card and loves its 1.5% cashback on EVERYTHING.

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Track Your Net Worth with Personal Capital 💰

Knowing your Net Worth is an essential tool in understanding the full picture of your finances and helps you map your progress towards goals like saving, debt payoff, and (yes!) $100K. {Free}


How to invest step-by-step🏦

We’ve built a one-of-a-kind, non-judgmental community where you can learn exactly how to invest — without jargon, shame, or finance bros