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This is an investment for your future you.


 This is for you if:

  • you know investing is important, but you have NO IDEA how to start

  • you’ve heard phrases like “S&P 500”, “mutual fund”, and “capital gains”, but you have no idea what the f*ck they mean

  • you’re sick of the Chads mansplaining the stock market to you

  • you feel nervous or intimidated about investing (“what if I lose all my money?”)

  • you’re ready to finally understand the differences between stocks and bonds, Traditional and Roth IRAs

  • listening to the news about stock market gains, GameStop stock, or building wealth gives you a case of financial FOMO (or major trepidation)

  • you want to retire someday (fun fact: you won’t be able to retire if you don’t invest!)

  • you want to gain financial agency and power (in a bullshit patriarchal society)



You’ll learn:

  • Why investing is your best tool for wealth-building

  • The definition (and difference!) between a stock and a bond

  • The #1 mistake new investors make (and how to avoid it)

  • What a mutual fund, ETF, and index fund is

  • The exact plan for when the stock market crashes

  • Your retirement account options, like a 401(k) and an IRA

  • Exactly how to open an investing account and get started

  • the step-by-step process to making your OWN investment— you’ll actually invest during the workshop (how cool is that?!)

  • Plus a TON more by gaining immediate access to our exclusive investing community, Treasury (never before released to the public)


Q&A with Tori ($200 value) +

Free Playback for 12 Months ($100 value) +

Exclusive Access to Treasury ($150 value)

$450 in value for only $99

Wednesday, December 8th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET


I loved the workshop! I feel like I learned so much. Like, it just hit on so many things that I specifically had questions about. Like, what is this jargon? What are some things that could trip me up? And Tori hit everything and it was just, it was just beautiful.


What exactly is Treasury?

Treasury is an investing education platform for the Her First $100K community that combines non-judgmental discussion, jargon-free educational videos & articles and tools to easily understand and manage your investments.



While leading a global media company, Elias Rothblatt and Ivar Vong realized just how bro-y the investing world was — and set out to do something about it.

After hearing about HFK from a previous workshop attendee, Tori and Treasury partnered last year and got to work.

We believe the future of finance looks a lot more like the Her First $100K community rather than a straight, white, old financial advisor.

Together, we’re making that future a reality.



As a Treasury member, you’ll get access to the exclusive Her First $100K community where you can get answers from like-minded investors about what works, weekly articles to build your investing knowledge, exclusive HFK content, and tools to make and manage your investments that won’t make you want to die.

It’s like an exclusive Patreon community — but where you can actually make investments to grow your wealth.