Workshop Details

Girl, it’s time. This is the live, online workshop for you.

Wednesday, Dec. 8th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET


The reason we don’t invest? Fear.


Fear of messing something up, or doing something wrong, or making a mistake. The thing is, these rich white men have made investing *seem* complicated FOR. A. REASON. — to keep women and minorities from building wealth, so they can have it for themselves. But the longer we wait, the longer we let them win. And I don’t want them to win any longer than they have to.


Let me tell you right now: the best way to fight the patriarchy, especially if you’re a woman, you’re disabled, a person of color, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community, is through investing. Women wait longer to invest or don’t invest at all compared to men. And if we don’t invest, we lose out on millions of dollars.


No more fear.

No more intimidation.

No more being held back by rich white men.

It all stops now.


That’s why I created Investing 101, a live online workshop to teach you the basics of investing in a way that is fun, simple, and approachable.