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stock market secrets

In this hour workshop, I'll give you the pep talk you need to overcome your investing fears, make smart choices, and actually get rich.

The #1 reason women don't invest? Fear.


30 question cards to help spark fun, intimate, and beneficial conversations about money with your partner.

money conversation


debt payoff

Organize your debt by interest, use the debt progress tracker to visualize your progress, and watch as your crush your debt using our preferred debt avalanche method!


PLUS— insight into the exact strategy I use to save my clients thousands of dollars.

Take control of your money, start spending mindfully, and finally start saving.

stop emotional spending


college budget

Whether you’re in school or not, this spreadsheet will help you track your income, whether it's a job, financial aid, or help from family, track monthly expenses, such as textbooks and your favorite subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify, and track your financial goals, like paying down student loans and building savings.


I've saved over $1,200 by lowering my recurring bills.

Now, I’m opening up the EXACT script I use to negotiate.

negotiate bills & interest


travel budget

You'll be able to:

  1. Plug in your budget watch the number change as you plan expenses
  2. Manage expenses like transportation, accommodation, food, activities, and more
  3. View a summary of your budgeted spending and actual spending


  1. A transparent script from the bride to the bridesmaid about costs & expectations
  2. Exactly what to tell the bride when you can't afford to be a bridesmaid
  3. As a bridesmaid, what to tell the bride when the budget needs to be revisited

to help manage money expectations.

bridal party



successfully negotiate a higher salary

Learn: how to approach salary conversations with confidence, the #1 thing you're doing wrong in a negotiation (and how to fix it), how to answer dreaded job interview questions about salary, and how to frame your ask to make a "yes" easy.


Ready to start your career (or switch careers!), but not sure how to sell yourself?

You’ll learn how to stand out in a job interview, the #1 thing I tell my clients when they’re applying for a job, plus a clincher follow-up strategy.

how to stand out in a job interview



Learn how to successfully negotiate a higher salary in 4 easy steps.

Last year alone, I helped women around the country negotiate for over $500,000 more in salary and benefits. Now, I want to help you do the same.



Feeling overwhelmed with where to start?

better than buzzfeed


What if I told you that answering 6 questions could unlock your FREE, personalized financial game plan?

Take my quiz and discover your Money Personality along with a roadmap to level up your financial success and crush all your goals. You'll receive a list of hand-picked resources delivered directly to your inbox.