5 Best Financial Feminist Podcast Season 1 Episodes

April 20, 2022

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After successfully saving $100,000 at age 25, I quit my corporate job in marketing to fight for your financial rights. I’ve helped over three million badass women make more, spend less, and feel financially confident.


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Financial Feminist season 1 quickly became the world’s number one business podcast after its 2021 release, and a staple in podcasts for women. Host and personal finance expert, Tori Dunlap, explores different financial topics in each episode. She breaks down money mindsets, investing, and answers the most common question she receives “Where do I start?!”

In honor of Financial Feminist’s season 2’s launch on April 21, Team Her First $100K® is compiling the best podcast episodes from the first season. If you’ve never listened, start with these five episodes and don’t forget to subscribe to Financial Feminist so you never miss an episode.

Happy listening!

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Episode 2: “The Scandalous and Sketchy Truth Behind MLMs with Jane Marie”

Prepare to be shook by this deep dive into shady MLM practices. MLM is the abbreviation for multi-level marketing, which is a controversial marketing strategy for the sale of products or services where the revenue of the company is derived from non-salaried workers selling the company’s products or services.

Did you ever go to a Mary Kay party growing up? Maybe your friend’s mom’s sister was always selling Tupperware? Those are both MLMs. Peabody and Emmy award-winning journalist, Jane Marie chats with Tori about MLM practices and how the companies recruit workers.

Episode 5: “Where Do I Start? (aka the Financial Game Plan)”

If you’re new to personal finance, we recommend starting with episode five. You’ll learn how to budget, pay down debt, and the importance of building an emergency fund. Definitely save this episode for a re-listen and share it with your friends, family, and co-workers.

Episode 3: “Overcome Your Psychological Bullsh*t Around Money”

Did you know your money mindset is established by age seven? There is psychological evidence that how a person views money is directly affected by their experiences as a young child. Because of this, a lot of us have some messed up notions surrounding money. For anyone looking to break out of a toxic money mindset or just learn more about the psychology behind how we spend, this one’s for you!

Episode 9: “Beginner’s Guide to Investing”

Tori launched an investing app called Treasury – an investing education platform for the HFK community that combines non-judgmental discussion, jargon-free educational videos and articles, and tools to easily understand and manage your investments. Listen to this podcast, sign up for the Treasury web app, and start investing.

Episode 4: “Breaking Down the Racial Wealth Gap + Minority Appraisal Crisis with Tiffany Alice aka the Budgetnista”

Guest Tiffany Aliche went from being the victim of a $30,000 credit card scam to one of America’s foremost financial educators and authors. She chats with Tori about the racial wealth gap in America and how that affects people of color.

Financial Feminist season 2 will expand the conversation from focusing on money to focusing on a variety of feminist issues. Subscribe to listen to insightful, funny, and interactive episodes with actors, authors, and more!



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