What do you get when you give a theatre-major-turned-money-coach a microphone? One helluva voice for financial confidence (and one helluva great time).

Thank you again for being a part of this event. We (unsurprisingly) received such incredible feedback about your session and I hope you were able to welcome some new people into your ecosystem :) If there is ever anything we can support you with in the future, please keep me posted!
— Jess, Teachable

Who is she, anyway?

Tori is an internationally-recognized money expert.

After saving $100,000 at age 25, Tori quit her corporate job in marketing and founded Her First $100K to fight financial inequality by giving women actionable resources to better their money. She has helped over one million women negotiate salary, pay off debt, build savings, and invest.

A Plutus Award Winner and 425 Magazine’s “Woman to Watch”, her work has been featured on Good Morning America, the Today Show, the New York Times, BBC, TIME, PEOPLE, New York Magazine, BuzzFeed, Forbes, CNBC, and more.

With a dedicated following of over 125,000 on Instagram and over 1 million on TikTok —and multiple instances of her story going viral—Tori’s unique take on financial advice has made her the go-to voice for ambitious millennial women. CNBC called Tori “the voice of financial confidence for women.”

An honors graduate of the University of Portland, Tori now travels the world writing, speaking, and coaching about personal finance, online businesses, side hustles, and confidence for women. She is based in Seattle, where she enjoys eating fried chicken, going to barre classes, and attempting to naturally work John Mulaney bits into conversation.

We’ve had great feedback from the workshop. This was a great overview of where to get started, and good reminders for those who are more aware. Tori did an amazing job of covering a lot of great information within an hour.

I’ve spoken at…

Tori is a ball of energy and brightens every room she’s in. As a speaker, she is bold and captivating. Her session on saving your first 100K at Lola Retreat was full of actionable advice presented in an easy way. Tori’s passion for helping women is apparent in everything she does and she absolutely delivered everything I was looking for when I booked her for Lola Retreat.
— Melanie, Lola Retreat founder

A wealth of knowledge (pun intended)…

Talking about financial feminism and building wealth is what I live for. From colleges to corporate, keynotes to kick-offs— I’ve had the chance to grace some of the world’s most prominent stages, and I’m ready to bring my expertise to yours.

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Keynote: Financial Feminist

We won’t have true equality until we have financial equality.

You don't need to be "empowered." You need a plan.

In this keynote, I’ll give you actionable strategies to save money, pay off debt, and invest — and how building financial stability is the best way to fight the patriarchy.


Navigating the


I’ve helped women negotiate over $250,000 more in salary & benefits, and you’re next.

Learn how to approach salary conversations with confidence, the #1 thing you're doing wrong (and how to fix it), exactly what to say in a negotation, and how to frame your ask to make a "yes" easy.


Back to Basics

My signature talk that kickstarts your financial journey.

I’ll teach you to spend according to your values, save money (even if you’re scraping by), and create a budget that doesn’t feel restrictive.


Investing 101

Only 30% of women are investing and building wealth. Let’s change that.

I’ll break down how to actually start investing confidentially and understand the stock market — no fear or intimidation required.


Building an Online Brand

Stop chasing likes or stressing about algorithm changes.

After working as a social media marketer for almost 5 years, I grew my own platform to over a million — never paying a dime for bots or ads.

Whether you’re just starting on social — or you’re a bonafide expert — this session can be catered to helping you build an audience, your credibility, and your online presence.


Custom Talk

Is there another topic you’d like me to address?

Let’s work together to customize a talk that’s perfect for your audience.

At age 25, Tori was the youngest of panelist by at least a decade. She spoke with confidence, conviction, honesty, and invigorating energy. Wearing her signature leather jacket and dark lipstick, Tori brought her unique personal brand to the table, and the audience was all for it. They held onto every word she uttered and many flocked to her breakout session on Back To Basics, her introductory workshop on budgeting and planning. We were ecstatic to work with her for this event, and hope to collaborate with her again in the future.
— Di Whitman, Lean In Events


Financial Feminism in Action


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