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Founder’s Retreat feat. Cedarbrook Lodge

December 2, 2020

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Why You Need a Founder’s Retreat

Starting last November — the beginning of my first year of entrepreneurship — I took myself on a founder’s retreat.

I figure, if the executives of Fortune 500 companies can do it, so can I. For those of you who are wondering, a founder’s retreat is basically a time to review the previous year, celebrate what my team and I have built, and determine what I want to change moving forward. 

Last year’s founder’s retreat looked a little different. Having just quit my corporate job to take Her First $100k full-time, I was nervous and scrambling, wondering if I could make this entrepreneur thing work. Mt 2019 retreat consisted of writing goals on my whiteboard, planning, and a whole lot of scheming. I remember thinking: “I’ll set a goal for $100,000 in revenue and 30,000 Instagram followers. Who knows if it’s even possible?!” (turns out it was ;)) 

Here are three reasons why you, as an entrepreneur, should host your own founder’s retreat: 

1. It’s a great time for some quality biz-related R&R (you know, Reflection & Review)

Sometimes getting outside of your normal work environment can help you reflect on your business in a whole new way. Looking back, you’ll begin to notice and see things that you hadn’t before. Make a note of these reflections and start to review them during your retreat.

2. It lets you slow down and celebrate the wins— big and small.

A founder’s retreat is also a time to treat yourself. Go out for a great meal, get pampered at a spa, you deserve it! Use this time to celebrate all your hard work and accomplishments, including the ones that go unseen by your audience (those are often the most important to celebrate).  

3. It gives you space to prepare for the future.

Taking time to reflect and celebrate the past enables you to see future changes for your business in a clear light. Once you’ve done steps one and two, it’s time to put pen to paper and make sure you are progressing in your business and your wellbeing as a kickass entrepreneur.

After this marathon of a year, 2020’s retreat included a review of how I want my business to be healthier and more balanced, how best to support my team, and how to best support myself. It was also time for me to take a deep breath during some of the most challenging months of my life!

I am so thankful to Cedarbrook Lodge for supporting my mission and hosting me for my founder’s retreat this year. Long story short— it was perfect.

This 4-star urban oasis is situated on an 18-acre retreat while still remaining close to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). This year, the lodge was featured on Conde Nast Traveler’s “Top 20 Hotels in the Pacific Northwest.”

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I chose Cedarbrook Lodge for a few different reasons— 

One, it was in close proximity to my house.

Both Seattle and Tacoma residents can find a home-away-from-home while still being close to southside attractions. While I remained within lodge grounds, others can enjoy nearby attractions like the Museum of Flight, Seattle Chocolates Factory, the Skycart Indoor Racing Center, and lots more.

Two, the amenities are amazing.

Due to state-mandated health and safety guidelines, the fitness center and hot tub were closed during my visit. I didn’t mind though and was extremely happy with the way the lodge was handling COVID, which I’ll talk about in a minute.

The amenities I did have access to, however, blew me away. Copperleaf restaurant, bar, terrace, and café did not disappoint. There is also a state-of-the-art day spa with a great selection of massages and add-ons. My favorite amenity, perhaps, was the complimentary snacks they have stocked at the front desk. I could choose from trail mix, chocolate-covered raisins, or their famous malt balls, all available 24/7. Complimentary water was also available in the living rooms through a water filtration system that provided still, sparkling, and hot water.

Three, the team at Cedarbrook Lodge did an excellent job and taking all the safety precautions when it came to COVID.

They’ve partnered with both Ecolab and Colombia Clean, their hospitality service, to adhere to a strict list of protocols to ensure all guests remain healthy and safe. With their wide-open 18-acre property, it’s easy to get out and enjoy the fresh air at a safe distance from others— another perk of choosing Cedarbrook Lodge for your next stay!

I want to thank Cedarbrook Lodge for sponsoring my stay. If you have any other questions about my time at the lodge, feel free to email me at


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