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“I feel like I’m getting compensated fairly in the workplace”

(said no woman ever.)

Deep down, every woman knows that she deserves her salary to reflect the value and experience she brings to her job.

How to Successfully Negotiate a Higher Salary in 4 Easy Steps. 

When I worked corporate, I successfully negotiated over 15% more for every job I ever held — and took my pay from $55K to almost $90K in 3 short years. 

Last year alone, I helped women around the country negotiate for over $500,000 more in salary and benefits.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

You’ll learn:

✔️How to approach salary conversations with confidence

✔️The #1 thing you’re doing wrong in a negotiation (and how to fix it)

✔️How to answer dreaded job interview questions about salary

✔️How to frame your ask to make a “yes” easy


Here’s what they’re saying:



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Hey. I’m Tori.

I successfully saved $100k at age 25, and quit my corporate job in marketing to make you rich.

I’ve helped thousands of badass women make more, spend less, and fight the patriarchy.

Because having a financial education is a woman’s best form of protest. 💪


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Tori presents information in a comprehensible, realistic, NON-JUDGMENTAL way that doesn’t make you hate yourself or the iced coffee you bought before work that morning.

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