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4 Reasons You Need a Weekend Getaway for Your Next Secret Project

April 7, 2021

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Getting Away to Get Creative



The launch of almost all of my great projects has always required a change of environment. I don’t know what it boils down to exactly, but it seems the mixture of elements for a weekend getaway is the perfect ingredient for creative work. I knew that if I was going to pull off what could potentially be my biggest project to date, I was going to have to find somewhere that inspired me to get it done. 

I didn’t have to look far nor did I want to— given the current circumstances of the world. When I came across The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland, a luxurious 4-star hotel just up the street from Lake Washington, I was eager for a chance to partner with them and grateful that they allowed me a place to stay. During my time at the hotel, I thought long and hard about why weekend getaways, more especially the ones that involve hotels, are perfect for that secret project you can’t wait to tell everyone about.



1) The Coffee Shop Theory!

Discovered by researchers at MIT and The Atlantic, it turns out that the hustle and bustle of being in a new place actually stimulate you to get that one thing done that you’ve been putting off. And for some of you, I know it’s the new big idea that the world is waiting patiently to see. The Coffee Shop Theory has to do with the fact that you know the space you inhabiting has an end time, so you are working with a stricter deadline than you would be in your home office. 

Another component is the scurrying of other excited guests through the halls, clinking glasses in the hotel restaurant, local musicians playing down the street, and general traffic outside causes just enough distraction to allow your brain to go into hyper-focus mode. The last thing that this theory promotes is the fact that being in an aesthetic atmosphere just tends to make us more relaxed, calm, and lowers stress levels.  

What I loved about my stay at The Heathman was how work-friendly their lobby was. From cozy couches to a long table with barstool seating (my personal preference) to their heated outdoor patio, there were tons of socially distant options for me to choose from. Sometimes I preferred to simply stay in our suite and crack the window open to catch a refreshing draft from the lake while snuggling into the couch or settling into my desk to begin work.



2) Taking breaks is a whole lot easier.

I am a huge advocate for breaks during the workday. They are a necessary component to switch your brain off and stretch, go on a walk, stop for coffee, grab a snack, or do something other than work.

However, when you’re stuck in a tiny apartment that is not exactly within walking distance to anything great, it’s even easier to blur home life and work-life together. Because of where The Heathman is located, I was able to enjoy a nice stroll down to the lake and spend a few minutes petting dogs and listening to live musicians sing covers of viral TikTok songs. If I needed a caffeine boost, there was a Starbucks as well as a few independent coffee shops mere minutes away! Not to mention Homegrown, one of my favorite spots for a healthy lunch.

My favorite area of Kirkland was so close by that it’s nearly impossible to miss. Turn right out of the hotel lobby, take your next right, and one block down you’ll run into a gorgeous street with cafe lighting stretching the whole block. It’s the perfect place to grab a morning coffee, take an afternoon stroll, or treat yourself to a delicious evening meal.


3)You’re in a supportive environment.

While you may think you are leaving your ideal workspace behind, staying at a hotel guarantees that they will have one that matches or even excels the one you have at home.

At The Heathman, I had a spacious desk and cozy chair to the left of my bed that was perfect for hosting my Investing workshop, writing and sending emails, and of course— working on that super-secret project. Not only is the environment ideal, but at The Heathman, they give you complimentary wired and wireless internet access that was fast and seamless. 

I also used the attached common space when I wanted to change it up a but. The double-sided fireplace was one of my favorite features and I often found myself flipping it on and off throughout the workday.




4) There’s no wasted time.

One of the other benefits of staying at a hotel is the service and The Heathman was no exception to all-around generous hospitality. With a 24-hour help desk, someone is ready and available to bring you extra mugs to fuel your late-night cups of camomile tea. The room is already equipped with a french press as well as a kettle, so you can have your caffeine intake as soon as you step out of bed.

If you are in the flow and don’t wanna risk breaking your creative surge, just order room service from The Hearth, an amazing restaurant attached to The Heathman Hotel. I was lucky enough to try both their brunch and their gourmet fried chicken sandwich, both of which I would rate an 11/10. 

Another way to save time is to schedule an hour at the gym ahead of your stay. That way, you can still enjoy a morning or afternoon workout without having to worry about staying safe and socially distant from others. Having a treadmill, weights, and tons of other equipment along with a space to get moving was such a big part of my daily morning routine!





My stay at The Heathman came at the perfect time and was exactly what me and my business needed to power through and knock out the tasks that have been sitting on the backburner for way too long. Not only did we prep for the secret project marketing strategy, but we also created and released the Money Personality quiz, which you can take here. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in as inspiring of a place as The Heathman Hotel.

I would like to thank The Heathman Hotel in Kirkland for sponsoring our stay. If you’d like to visit yourself, click the button below for 15% off your stay or enter promo code ‘HERFIRST100’.

Just promise me one thing— you’ll order that chicken sandwich.


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