5 Mindsets That Hold You Back from Starting a Business (and How to Stop Believing Them)

March 20, 2024

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I'm Tori!

After successfully saving $100,000 at age 25, I quit my corporate job in marketing to fight for your financial rights. I’ve helped over three million badass women make more, spend less, and feel financially confident.


It just wasn’t the right time. 

At least, that’s what I was telling myself.

When I set my goal of hitting $100k by the time I was 25, it was more than just a savings goal. 

I was working on my business on the side and wanted to finally quit my corporate job to take Her First $100K full-time. I told myself that when I hit my goal, I’d have enough of a cushion to go for it. 

But when I got there, it just wasn’t the right time…

I kept pushing it off because I didn’t feel prepared enough. A few more months of corporate life would give me even MORE of a cushion, and I could wait until I got further in my business, plus healthcare is sooooo expensive…

You know what? It was never about picking the right time–it was about the limiting beliefs I had around starting.

I know, it might not seem like I have them (lolz), but we all have ingrained narratives that tell us to play small or avoid taking risks. 

You probably have some of these negative mindsets hiding in the back of your mind, too. The best way to get rid of them? Bring them to light. 

So let’s discuss the very real mindsets that can hold you back from achieving your dreams.

1. “I’m not an expert.”

I remember the first time I filled out a bio that included “money expert.” The imposter syndrome was STRONG that day, lemme tell ya. 

But I asked myself one thing, who else would give me permission?

There’s no Money Expert Fairy to declare me an expert or board of people to confirm what I already knew: that I had the capacity and desire to teach others a lot about money. 

Also, people don’t even WANT experts!

We love learning from those who are a few steps ahead of us. 

I don’t need to be the Secretary of the Treasury to teach you about money, and you don’t need to be a world-renowned expert in your own field to help others. 

2. “I need more money to start.”

Are you building the next Uber? Google? Meta?

No? Then you probably don’t need as much money to start as you think.

Most people I know don’t want to be the next Elizabeth Holmes (I mean for a lot of reasons, but ya know what I mean).

I’ve never taken any money for anything for HFK–no personal loans from family, bank loans, etc. And I’m SO happy I was able to do that. It’s a privilege for sure, one that allowed me to maintain flexibility and control over my business. I don’t answer to anyone, and that’s the way I like it. 😎

Yes, some businesses require more upfront, especially if they need a brick-and-mortar presence. But I still want you to keep that scrappy mindset. 

3. “Someone is already doing it.”

This mindset isn’t a myth–I bet someone IS already doing it. Buuuuut why is that a problem?

I loved the example from my friend Jannese Torres of Yo Quiero Dinero. She tells people to think about the bread aisle.

How many different kinds of loaves of bread are there? Sourdough, white, rye. Sprouted, low carb, whole grain. And we’re not even getting into naan and baguettes and pita. 🥖

The point is that yes, people are probably already doing what you want to do, but they’re not doing it just like you. Go be that garlic-rosemary focaccia that you’ve always wanted to be. 

4. “I don’t have an MBA/business plan.”

Oh, so you didn’t go to Wharton? Well, too bad then, you can’t start a business. Try coding, maybe?


You don’t need a graduate degree to become an entrepreneur. I have tons of friends who don’t and are successful business owners. In fact, I know a lot of people who don’t have four-year degrees who are successful business owners.

You also don’t need a 35-page document outlining your business.

Here’s my dirty little secret: I’ve never written a business plan. 8 years and millions of dollars in revenue later, I think I’m doing just fine. 💁🏼‍♀️

Don’t buy into the idea that you need certain qualifications to get started. 

5. “It’s just not the right time.”

We can’t forget my own best/worst example. But why do we tell ourselves this?

It lets us off the hook.

There’s never a good time to do the things we’re afraid to do, whether it’s asking for a raise or breaking up with that on-again-off-again love.

Now, what do these all have in common, friend? 

These mindsets come from fear.

We use them to avoid putting off our dreams when we’re afraid and let them hold us back from building the life we want. 

How do we combat this?

Take action. 

It can be small! But taking a single step will do more to combat these negative mindsets than all the thinking in the world. Trust me. 😅



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