That fact is frustrating enough, but when we also consider the fact that we are entering into a recession and an uber-competitive job market…well, it’s enough to make anybody slam their laptop shut and give up on the job search altogether.

Oh, and we didn’t even get to the part where we have to “attach a cover letter”...

The average time a recruiter spends looking at each resume


I know I’m the perfect candidate for this role, but my interviewing skills need work.

I am a top contender for this job…how do I stand out from other qualified candidates?

I know I can perform in an interview, but my resume and cover letter don’t stand out from the crowd.

I have great qualifications and experience, but my resume feels "blah."

You may be thinking…

This career climate is making even the most qualified candidates stay in jobs that leave them overworked and underpaid, have them stuck in a burnout spiral, and prevent them from reaching their full potential.

You’re          alone 


This package includes:

The exact cover letter and resume that helped HFK Founder and CEO Tori Dunlap land interviews at Microsoft, Starbucks, Nintendo, and more.

45+ pages of proven strategies to improve your resume, write a kickass cover letter, increase your interview confidence, and actionable steps to prepare for the interview process.

Quotes and expert guidance from seasoned recruiters and hiring managers.

Email templates that you can use to follow up after an interview to increase your odds of getting the job.

Effective techniques to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters.

And so much more!

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money win

If you’re                   and                                               by the job market, we don’t blame you.

Ditch the overwhelm

Between the endless scroll of open listings, the overwhelm of actually submitting all of the things, and then what feels like an endless wait for feedback, the process can quickly lead to a huge ball of nerves and the feeling that you can't get it right.

Don't even get us started on when you get to the actual interview (what WOULD I do if I found a penguin in my freezer??)

If you’re                   and




About Tori

Tori Dunlap is an internationally recognized millennial money and career expert. After using these strategies to land corporate jobs and saving $100,000 at age 25, Tori quit her corporate job in marketing and founded Her First $100K to fight financial inequality by giving women actionable resources to better their money. She has helped over five million women negotiate salaries, pay off debt, build savings, and invest.

as seen in:

"I recently gifted the interview bundle to one of my mentees and walked her through it. Not only did she end up killing the interview but                                                                                               


she got the job!"

Some people may be tempted to hire a

But you could be paying up to $1,000 for only two hours of career coaching, and they don't typically give you templates or instructions to look back on (aka take some notes and hope for the best)

Get the Job Interview Package with all of my templates and tried-and-true guidance that got me interviews at Microsoft, Nintendo, and more.

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career coach

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

Relieved in knowing that you don't have to start your job prep from scratch

Courageous enough to ask for what you're worth

Confident enough to go after your dream job

What if you could feel..

Get the package that 5,000+ job seekers have used to level up their applications and snag jobs that leave them feeling fulfilled and adequately paid.

You totally can


I just accepted a new position and your interview, resume, and cover letter guide was SO helpful with giving me the confidence boost I needed. I negotiated a killer salary after declining to provide my current income. I don’t think I would have done that without your help. Thanks so much!



Applying for the Job

part 4

  • Proven resume resources
  • Cover letter best practices
  • Strategies for the ultimate LinkedIn glow up
  • Pro tips for a pro portfolio

part 3

part 2

part 1

pt. 1

pt. 2

pt. 3

pt. 4

Pre-Interview Preparation

part 4

  • Tools for increasing your confidence
  • How to answer the most common interview questions
  • The highly recommended STAR method
  • Activities to know the job inside and out

part 3

part 2

part 1

pt. 1

pt. 2

pt. 3

pt. 4

The Interview Process

part 4

  • The questions you need to be asking
  • Proven tips for mastering all interview styles
  • Pro methods for a killer interview followup

part 2

part 1

part 3

pt. 1

pt. 2

pt. 3

pt. 4

ALL of the Templates

  • A resume template with my personal notes
  • A cover letter template to get you in the door
  • Email templates to keep them coming back for more

part 3

part 4

part 2

part 1

pt. 1

pt. 2

pt. 3

pt. 4

Want to know                                                 what you’re getting?

take a peek inside

want to know

what you're getting?

- Ashley

I purchased the Job Interview Package and utilized it to apply to a job I wanted. I got the job, AND I also received a 15% pay increase that I wasn’t expecting.

Honestly, I credit part of being offered the job and the pay increase to the confidence boost I received through the Job Interview Package — both the encouragement in the guide and the tools/templates themselves. 

I have never felt more badass walking out of a job interview knowing I did everything I could AND used top-notch tools. 

"Thank you, Tori!"

We bundled our bestselling career products into one grab-and-go package. We know, we love you too.

The icing on the cake?

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Frequently Asked


Should I use the same content that comes in the resume template?

We encourage you to customize the resume template to match your experience and voice. We provide you with 45+ pages of proven strategies to improve your resume!

Can I fill out the resume once I download it?

Our Job Interview Package comes with PDF versions of the Job Interview Overview alongside the fillable cover letter and resume templates.

How long will it take for the items to be sent to me after purchase?

You will get download instructions and links immediately via email. Make sure to check spam!

I'll give you my proven techniques that helped thousands of people sell themselves in interviews and get their dream jobs!

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No seriously, take a moment and reflect on your money wins. Celebrate them. And let us celebrate you too. Don’t have any? Don’t worry, you’re well on your way to making them.

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