Master your money, land that job, and build a business.

Below you’ll find my complete list of products including courses, templates, and coaching. Find which one best suits your needs!


Personal Finance


Back to Basics

My signature course — the perfect start on your financial journey.

In this online, go-at-your-own-pace masterclass, you’ll learn how to spend mindfully, manage your money, and create a budget (without wanting to die).


Personal Finance/Career Coaching

You have a million questions about your money and career goals. I’m here with answers.

I’ve helped over one million women all over the world to get control of their money, level up their careers, and create the life they want— and I would love to work with you!


The Cash Calendar a.k.a. Money Diary

Wondering where your money goes every month?

Use the cash calendar as a place to log all of your spending for a month. But beyond tallying, you’ll also reflect on why you made those purchases, if they felt right, and how you can start adjusting your habits to achieve the lifestyle you want.


Curb Emotional Spending [FREE]

Take control of your money, finally stop buying stupid shit, and starting spending according to your values.

PLUS— insight into the exact strategy I use to save my clients thousands of dollars.

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Investing 101: Live, Online Workshop

If you've ever wanted to know more about stocks, bonds, mutual funds, 401ks, Roth IRAs, and the tools you need to build real wealth, you won't want to miss this.

You’ll walk away with confidence in your own financial plan—and armed with your next steps to invest confidently.

Job Hunting


Job Interview


Interested in buying my best-selling resume and cover letter templates, PLUS the Job Interview Overview together?

This best-seller has helped over 1,000 people get in the door, crush their interviews, and land coveted careers.


Resume Template

Over 2,000 sold.

It’s not just the template — I’ve kept my original words, data, and bullet points so you can see how it’s done.

With an annotated guide and specific advice, this isn’t just a template — it’s a lifeline.


Cover Letter


I want to help you demystify the cover letter, and help you with a custom template that will save you time and confusion

With an annotated guide, “but what do I write?” or “how can I stand out?” will never cross your mind.


Job Interview


You asked for it — the complete guide to job interviews.

A comprehensive checklist that walks you through the entire interview process step by step. I have you covered — from that first phone call through answering the tough questions to resigning from your current job.


Negotiate Your Salary with Confidence [FREE]

A woman who knows her value also knows the importance of negotiating.

Learn how to approach salary conversations with confidence, the #1 thing you're doing wrong in a negotiation (and how to fix it), plus the *exact* answer dreaded job interview questions about salary.


Private Negotiation


Want tailored negotiation advice from an expert? Join hundreds who have worked with me one-on-one.

In addition to the hour of coaching, I’ll include my advice and guidance throughout the negotiation process. I will be there every step of the way.


Navigating the


I’ve successfully negotiated over 15% more for every job I’ve ever held. And last 2 years, I helped get women over $500,000 extra in salary and benefits.

Never get underpaid again.


How to Land the Job [FREE]

Ready to start your career (or switch careers!), but not sure how to sell yourself?

You’ll learn how to stand out in a job interview, the #1 thing I tell my clients when they’re applying for a job, plus a clincher follow-up strategy.


Building A Business


Idea to Income: Setting Up Your Side Hustle For Success

Want to start a side hustle but not sure what? A self-paced, no-fluff course on how to choose the right online side hustle for your lifestyle and set it up for success— without burning out.

Discover your “why,” learn how to set boundaries, pitch to clients, price yourself, and profitably manage all that extra $$$ you’ll be making.


Hit It & Quit It: How to Take Your Side Hustle Full-Time

In this 90-minute recorded workshop, you’ll walk away with the financial and emotional plan to take your side hustle full-time — and the confidence to execute it.

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The Business Bootcamp

In this two-part workshop series, you’ll walk away with the game plan for your business that will take it from budding idea to full blown business — and the tools to execute it.

Create your entire business plan and marketing strategy worthy of an MBA — in hours, not weeks.


Business Strategy Session

30 minutes of pick-my-brain, “how-did-you-do-it” guidance. Get the clarity your business needs from someone you trust.