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I Quit My 9-5

November 4, 2019

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I'm Tori!

After successfully saving $100,000 at age 25, I quit my corporate job in marketing to fight for your financial rights. I’ve helped over three million badass women make more, spend less, and feel financially confident.


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I quit my 9-5 job.

After 3 years of building Her First $100K as a side hustle, I’m taking my business full-time.

After months of you asking (years, really!), “when are you going to quit your 9-5 job?”, it finally happened. I quit my $77,000/year (pre-tax) job that offers health benefits, unlimited PTO, and catered Friday lunch. 😬

Navigating the pressures of a growing business, while also working a full-time corporate job, was getting almost impossible. I had to turn down opportunities, like being live in-studio for my Good Morning America interview. I had to work unnecessarily hard to avoid scheduling conflicts, trying to figure out when I was going to work in podcast interviews and client calls. My 10-day “unplugged” trip to Europe still had me plugged in, handling interview requests and DMs.

It got to be too much.

I was working a full-time job, but also a full-time business — often working two hours before my day job started, a few hours after work, and a good chunk of the weekend. I felt pulled in two opposing directions, and although I was continuing to get great performance reviews and feedback from my boss, I felt like I couldn’t give my all to either the job or my business. 

I have amazing opportunities down the pipeline that will require my full attention (most of which I can’t tell you about yet, but if you’ve thought: “Is Tori ever going to do X?” or “Has Tori thought about Y?” the answer is yes. Yes I have.) But the challenging thing about big opportunities: they take time, and they often don’t pay enough money to live, at least not in the first few months.

I depend on no one for financial stability. I pay for my one-bedroom apartment in Seattle ($1500/month before utilities, y’all.) I pay for my car, my groceries, my dinners out. My cell phone, my heat, my bus pass. I’m about to fund my own health insurance (America, you’re killing me here… #basichumanright) It is thrilling and terrifying to know it’s just me.

I’m going to be honest with you: this is the riskiest decision I’ve ever made. 

I quit before I was ready. Stability is my middle name, and I wanted to wait at least another 6 months before I quit. Right now, I’m barely (and I mean, BARELY) making enough money each month to cover my basic expenses. If you know me in real life, you’ve probably encouraged me to quit, and then I said something like, “NOOOOO I’M NOT READDDDDYYYY BECAUSE BLAH BLAH BLAHHHH” But sometimes the universe makes the decision for you, and it was just simply time. 

Although I might not feel ready, I am. I’ve been preparing for this for months, if not years. I turned a concept into a proven business. I networked and built a community of people who support me (yes, that’s you!) I worked so very hard to build something I’m proud of. I know that by giving myself more time, more space, more room to breathe — the sky’s the limit as to what I, and Her First $100K, can accomplish.

In me establishing my business as my full-time gig, I know I need to scale and grow. You’ve done nothing but support me, and I need to ask for your support once again.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Purchase my products. Sign up for coaching, snag a workshop spot, buy my templates. And if you think someone in your life would find my stuff valuable, share it! 

  2. Advocate for me to speak at your company, favorite conference, or local organization. This is one of the most stable ways I can make an income. The best part about this — you get to hear me speak without having to pay for it! Any speaking or consulting opportunities you can connect me to help so much (here’s more info about speaking gigs.)

  3. Use these money tools. I’ve partnered with financial companies to provide resources to grow your money, and I get a bit of cash if you sign up. (I never recommend something I don’t believe and find value in, but you know that about me!)

  4. Check out the companies I partner with. I’ll be doing more sponsored content and working with brands I believe in — this helps me establish a more stable cash flow, AND introduces helpful financial content/companies into your life. Part of the success of these campaigns is measured by how much traffic I bring in, so if I ask you to “swipe up” on an Instagram post, I invite you to do it! Even if you might think the product or service might not be for you, click or swipe — it’s an easy way to help.

  5. Cheer me on. If you know me IRL, you know I’m an anxious person. I’m a worrier. And this is THE SCARIEST THING I’ve ever done. So send me your love, good vibes, and potential opportunities. It means the world to know that my work matters to you, and it keeps me going. (Follow my journey through entrepreneurship on Instagram!)

I didn’t save my $100K to spend it on keeping myself and my business afloat — that wasn’t the intent of the money. If I need to use part of it, I will. But this proves why personal finance and saving can be so powerful — there is NO WAY IN HELL I would have felt confident enough to quit had I not had the security that the $100K offers. I would not have had the freedom to make choices about the way I wanted to live my life. I’m practicing what I preach and showing you that good financial decisions can mean your entire life can change. 

Having funds means having freedom. This first $100K saved will lead me to my first $100K earned.

This is the start of the rest of my life. You’re along for the ride. Let’s do this, team.

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