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Listen, we know that creating the “perfect” resume is waaaaay harder than it seems.
You add a word, then delete another. You repeatedly visit to try and find another way of saying “I did my job well” that sounds interesting and fresh and not at all made up.

Resume writing is hard for just about everybody – but it doesn’t have to be. And that’s where we come in.

We created a customizable resume template that has helped THOUSANDS of women land coveted careers.

This is the very resume that HFK Founder, Tori Dunlap, used to land job interviews at Microsoft, Nintendo, Starbucks, and more! Better yet – we kept her original words, data, and insight so you can see exactly what she did and why she did it.


You read that correctly: Seven. Seconds. That’s hardly enough time to read a sentence, swipe on a dating profile, or sip an iced coffee.

And yet, that’s all the precious one-on-one time your resume may get with a recruiter. So you better make those seven seconds worth it, and you better have a resume that POPS.

The average time a recruiter spends looking at each resume


I know I’m the perfect candidate for this role, but my interviewing skills need work.

I am a top contender for this job…how do I stand out from other qualified candidates?

I know I can perform in an interview, but my resume and cover letter don’t stand out from the crowd.

I have great qualifications and experience, but my resume feels "blah."

You may be thinking…

Say goodbye to writer’s block and close out the thirteen resumes you have open on your laptop – it’s time to create an eye-catching and professional resume with our completely annotated guide!

We want to help you make the
                            of those seven seconds



the Resume Template

What you’ll get:

The exact resume that HFK Founder and CEO Tori Dunlap has used to land job interviews at Microsoft, Nintendo, Starbucks, and more!

The data and insights that Tori has from using that resume

Four-page guide with homework to help you create and refine the perfect resume.

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money win

Close out the 13 tabs you have open with                                                  

Close the tabs

We get it – you bounce from tab to tab on your laptop, trying to take bits and pieces of sample resumes and Frankenstein them together into something that makes you seem totally employable and not at all desperate.


close out the 13 tabs you have open with

About Tori

Tori Dunlap is an internationally recognized millennial money and career expert. After using these strategies to land corporate jobs and save $100,000 at age 25, Tori quit her corporate job in marketing and founded Her First $100K to fight financial inequality by giving women actionable resources to better their money. She has helped over four million women negotiate salaries, pay off debt, build savings, and invest.

as seen in:

I had a phone interview with a recruiter and she and I chatted about the positions I’m interested in within her company. Our phone interview went well but she asked me to spruce up my resume some more before she sent it out to the hiring managers. On a whim, I bought your template and updated my resume with your tips and her feedback. She called me AGAIN this evening to say, ‘Your resume looks amazing! It truly reflects your experiences and is easy to read!’ so she sent it off to the hiring managers for the two positions I’m jockeying for. Soooo, that was an incredible investment.


You’ve probably been looking at other

Which is great! We all love to browse Canva and Etsy to find the perfect template that would stand out. But the issue with those templates is that they’re pretty but don’t give you any substance. If you’re filling them out with the same resume info that has kept you stuck, it likely won’t turn out any differently. 

Get the template AND my exact wording and insights for only



– Priya

I bought your resume template today and in 90 minutes had a resume that I feel FINALLY accurately describes all of my skills and accomplishments. Best money spent!

"Thank you, Tori!"

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Frequently Asked


Should I use the same content that comes in the resume template?

We encourage you to customize the resume template to match your experience and voice.

Can I fill out the resume once I download it?

Our Resume Template comes with a pdf and editable word version. Also compatible with Google docs!

How long will it take for the items to be sent to me after purchase?

You will get download instructions and links immediately via email. Make sure to check spam!

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