curious about my

better half?

Well, well, well! It seems you've landed on this page, likely in pursuit of information about Tori Dunlap's husband or the elusive Her First $100K partner-in-crime. Buckle up, my friend, because there are some essential facts we need to cover.

i built my own

Fact #1


Is it really mind-boggling to think that a woman can amass a fortune all by herself? But believe it or not, I've earned every dollar on my own terms and through my sheer determination.

up for grabs

fact #2

my heart's


Sorry to disappoint, but my heart isn't on the market. Swipe left if you don't have your investment portfolio in order! 💔

I mean the rizz, the JAWLINE, *ahhhhhhh* Timothee, if you found me, click here PLEASE I’M BEGGING.


fact #3

will drop


will drop

for timothee chalamet

for timothee chalamet

Okay, so maybe you were wondering about my husband. I can’t blame you, the patriarchy loves to seed the idea that a woman with money is backed by a rich husband or daddy.  

I can forgive you, as long as you work on dismantling these beliefs and working on your own money confidence.

The best first step? Getting your money right with your step-by-step personalized money plan.

there is a way to get back in my 

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