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How to Save Money on a Luxury Hotel

August 8, 2018

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Saving on Luxury Hotels

You’re trip planning, and looking to save money on a luxury hotel (because we are all on a budget, okay?)

Chances are you’ll end up browsing Expedia for what you think are the best deals. But if you’re checking out that jaw-dropping boutique property with the chic decor and fantastic food, those third-party sites are not the way to book.

As a money writer and speaker, I am constantly trying to find the best value for the best price. I love being able to stay with boutique hotels when I travel – I feel like it’s a more intimate look at the city and the community — while on a budget. But I want to make sure I’m able to stay at these gorgeous hotels (and support them!) for a reasonable price.

I had the pleasure of staying with the Paramount Hotel in downtown Seattle, which was such an incredible experience. I work a block away in the Convention Center (it was my shortest commute ever!) and loved being right in the heart of Seattle for restaurants and activities. The bathroom was an absolute DREAM (y’all know how much I love bathtubs), and the view of downtown out my window made me feel so sophisticated. It’s also been so hot in Seattle lately, so it was a beautiful thing to have A/C (I slept so well!)

Since staying at the Paramount, I’ve learned so much about the booking process with these luxury boutique options. While many are on sites like Expedia or Trivago, booking through those sites is not always the best option. Here’s why you should book directly when staying with a boutique property to get major perks.

1. Better customer service

Imagine something happens with your flight or car (that ish happens all the time, you know it does.) Or maybe an emergency comes up and you need to cancel or change your trip. Now picture calling Orbitz or with this development. Sounds like hell, doesn’t it? Booking directly through the hotel’s website means you are THEIR customer for the entire process (from booking to check out.) They’re able to be more accommodating with special requests or emergencies because they have full control of your booking. And this includes the fun stuff too, like a room upgrade or a special surprise for a partner — they’re more likely (and have more leeway) to make it happen! If this is a place you travel often (I go to Portland all the time, and there’s a Paramount Hotel in Portland too!), boutique hotels also commonly reward you for coming back with even more perks. Heck yes!

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I mean, c'mon! Customer service can't get better than this.

I mean, c’mon! Customer service can’t get better than this.

2. Better price

Boutique hotels want to incentivize you to book directly through their website. These hotels, like the Paramount Hotel, offer discounts on room rates, dining credit, free valet parking, or other options. These benefits are specific to their website (which means those third-party sites can’t offer them.) Booking through the hotel’s website means you’re getting the best price, plus some awesome perks.

3. More money to the local community

We all like to shop locally. It supports local business owners and grows the local economy. When you book through a third-party site like Expedia or, these companies take a cut of the sale, giving the boutique hotel even less money. They act as the middleman. Booking directly through the hotel’s website means the hotel gets 100% of the sale.

Are you planning to stay at a boutique, luxury hotel soon? Let me know if this helps you book a better rate!

Thanks to the Paramount Hotel Seattle for hosting me. As always, I only work with brands I full-heartedly believe in, and all opinions are my own.


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